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1. Identification of research areas with findings that is useful to the campaign;
2. Implementation of the research policy on the causes of corruption and the methodologies of delivering campaign;
3. Designing materials and methodologies for research and advocacy;
4. Implementation of policies and guidelines on the areas of collaboration and the creation of linkages with the strategic partners and stakeholders;
5. Liaison with strategic institutions that can work with the Steering Committee and develop strategic research activities to be jointly carried out;
6. Implement guidelines for the campaign within the laid down framework;
7. Coordination of Field Services.

   Programs and Activities      
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• Develop and implement public, sensitization and awareness creation
• Liaise and network with the County Governments and other stakeholders in the campaign against corruption in consultation with NACCSC
• Monitor corruption in the implementation of public projects and programmes
• Provide information and a platform for members of the public to participate in the fight against corruption
• Act as anti-corruption support mechanism
• Receive, sieve and refer corruption related complaints from the members of the public
• Increase the public understanding of mandates of NACCSC and partner institutions in Integrated Public Complaints Referral Mechanism (IPCRM)
• Promote advocacy and discourage corrupt behaviour among the members of the public
• Distribute campaign materials for awareness creation