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Members of the National Anti-Corruption Campaign Steering Committee (NACCSC) participated in the 1st ever national anti-corruption conference that was organized by the Multisectoral lnitiative against corruption at Bomas of Kenya.  

The objective of the workshop was to bring leaders together to come up with a unified approach to fight corruption. It was the epitome of a new beginning where various sectors gave their commitments towards eradicating the vice. It was also a forum where citizens gave their demands to various institutions in order to slay the corruption dragon.

It was a time for leaders to take responsibility for failing the nation in their respective areas of jurisdiction and come up with a reform agenda. It was also a forum that endorsed the fight against corruption through the following strategies: promoting national values as enshrined in chapter 10 of the constitution; undertaking citizen mobilization; promoting good leadership and integrity at all levels in both private and public sectors; undertaking to pray for the nation led by religious leaders; and creating a national movement against corruption where each citizen has a role to play.

Addressing the conference, the Chairperson of the Initiative Lee Karuri observed that when civilians are involved, the war will definitely be won. He urged wananchi to stop aiding corruption by not giving nor receiving a bribe. He added that the Initiative had developed a 4 year plan (2019-2022) and dedicated the first 90 days to impactful activities.

Other NACCSC members who participated in the conference are: Rahab Mwikali Mulu, Jardine Mgharo Mwangeka, Jacqueline Maganda, Francis Nganga and Adan Wachu,

The sectors that participated included the academia, private sector, religious organizations, youth, women, media, professional bodies, Transparency International among others.