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The National Anti – Corruption Campaign Steering Committee (NACCSC) conducted social audits on national government Constituency Development Funded projects and county government funded projects in parts of Nandi,

Baringo, Elgeyo Marakwet and Uasin Gishu Counties to sensitize citizens on their role in the implementation of public funded projects. 

During the social audits, a team from the Secretariat was accompanied by the County Anti-Corruption Civilian Oversight Committee (CACCOC) members in respective counties, project management committees and area administrators to view and assess the progress of the projects. Stakeholders were taken through a social audit tool to know and understand what to look for when implementing a public funded project. They were also taken through the steps in a project cycle to ensure quality and complete projects at the end of the project period. 

Some of the projects were on course and the allocated funds put to proper use but in some cases, the story was different. For example, in Kapkessum primary School in Elgeyo Marakwet County, a library hall that was meant to have been completed several years ago was still incomplete with cracked walls, floor, and a poor drainage system that was responsible for the flooding in the hall when it rained. 

The contractor was present during the social audit and denied any wrong doing. He slighted stakeholders when he claimed that he was only a contractor and not a fundi and he was therefore not responsible for the poor workmanship. He also claimed to have used more money than he was actually paid but when asked how much he was owed, he could not state the amount.  Stakeholders asked him to repeat the work and ensure the library hall is properly done so that it can be stocked and be used by pupils.

 A visit to the Keiyo North CDF account managers’ office revealed that the contractor had previously been asked to redo the works two more times. The account manager Milka Sugut noted this was an isolated case and other funded projects were progressing on well.  The social audit exercises are meant to sensitize and educate citizens on their role in ensuring that they get value for their taxes by monitoring public funded projects in their localities. 

The social audit exercises were an eye opener to citizens who professed to have been enlightened by the participatory sessions. Some CDF account managers and ward administrators pledged to collaborate with NACCSC to sensitize locals during education days so that more people are empowered to take responsibility for their local projects instead of sh