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Over 1500 chiefs and their assistants were trained on Project cycle and Corruption by a team from the National Anti-Corruption Campaign Steering Committee.

The objective of the training was to sensitize them to identify and prevent corrupt practices during project implementation in their respective areas of jurisdiction. The training was conducted at the Administration Police Training College in Embakasi where they were undertaking an induction course for two weeks. The course was coordinated and organized by the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government who invited NACCSC to conduct the training. Participants were also trained on social audits and how to identify and prevent corrupt practices. Success stories were also shared from various parts of the country to give citizens hope that the fight will be won. The sessions were very interactive and the participants were excited and wanted to get more information on what they can do to fight the vice in their respective jurisdictions. There are over 8000 chiefs in the country and this training is expected to make a difference in the renewed effort to fight corruption as chiefs and their assistants are key people charged with implementing government agenda at the grassroots. This training comes on the heels of the national anti-corruption conference that was attended by the top leadership of the country and other agencies who are responsible for fighting corruption and who committed to deliver on their respective mandates. The team from the Secretariat comprised Ag. Research and Advocacy Programme Officer Stephen Magwilu, Ag. Programme Officer, Communications, Faynie Msae, Public Communication Officer, Caroline Musasia and Benedict Wasiche. by Caroline Musasia