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The National Anti-Corruption Campaign Steering Committee has started conducting this years’ radio anti-corruption campaign.

The radio campaign programme is one of the ways used by the Committee to reach out to citizens to educate and sensitize them on matters corruption and how to identify and stop the vice. 

The Campaign will be conducted on four (4) radio stations namely: Radio Citizen, Mulembe FM, Minto FM and Truth FM. The first programme on each station will be facilitated by the Committee to set the tempo of the campaign and sensitize listeners on the objectives and what they should expect in terms of discussions for the next 3 weeks. They will also expound on the role and mandate of the Committee in the fight against corruption.

The campaign started on Friday 5th June, 2020 on Minto FM that broadcasts in Ekegusii. The facilitator was Peter Getate, Chairman Kisii County Anti-Corruption Campaign Civilian Oversight Committee (CACCOC). The topic of discussion was ‘The Role of Citizens in the fight against Corruption’.

The Committee is working with stakeholders who will facilitate the discussions and assure citizens that the war on corruption will be won. Some of the stakeholders lined up include: Inter Religious Council of Kenya, Transparency International- Kenya, Multi Agency Forum, Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Asset Recovery Agency among others.