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The National Anti-Corruption Campaign Steering Committee has launched the anti-corruption radio campaign programme on four local radio stations.

The Campaign is aimed at effecting change in the attitudes, behaviour, practices and culture of the citizens towards corruption.  It will also create awareness and understanding of corruption, different types, forms and manifestations; effects and actions to prevent and fight the vice, sensitize the public on the efforts by NACCSC and other bodies/agencies to fight corruption; the role of the individual in the fight, mobilize and encourage the public to actively participate in the fight, rally public support for the ongoing fight against corruption and receive feedback and suggestions/recommendations on how the fight can be enhanced.


The programme is ongoing on Truth FM, Radio Citizen, Mulembe FM and Minto FM on various programmes. NACCSC launched the Campaign on the four radio stations by facilitating the discussions. They discussed the Role of citizens in the fight against corruption during this COVID 19 period. Listeners called in and provided feedback during the live programmes. They raised their concerns regarding various issues in the fight against corruption. The feedback received will inform the future interventions of the campaign.


The discussions on Radio Citizen were facilitated by Stephen Magwilu, Ag. Programmes Officer, Research and Advocacy, Caroline Musasia, Head of Communications facilitated at the Truth FM station, Jamin Lumiti, chairman Kakamega County Anti-Corruption Civilian Oversight Committee at Mulembe FM and Peter Getate, chairman, Kisii County Anti-Corruption Campaign Civilian Oversight Commitee at Minto FM.


During the week other programmes were facilitated by Pastor Dr. Samuel Makori, President, East Kenya Union Conference on Minto FM, Bishop Dr. John Warari of Evangelical Alliance of Kenya on Truth FM, Rev. John Alusiola from the same organization on Mulembe FM and Rev. Fr. Joseph Mutie, chairman, Inter Religious Council Executive Committee all representing the Inter Religious Council of Kenya. They all discussed the Role of the church in the fight against corruption during the COVID 19 pandemic.


Representatives from Transparency International- Kenya, a key stakeholder in the fight against corruption will be hosted as follows; Titus Gitonga, Programmes Officer, Service Delivery at Truth FM on Friday 12th June Dawn Break show at 8.00-9.00am and Thomas Juma, Coalition Partner at 6.00-7.00pm on KalaKala show  on the same day on Mulembe FM.  They will discuss the Role of the public in the fight against corruption during the COVID 17 pandemic.  The other representatives will be hosted next week.

 The campaign programme will go on for the next three weeks.