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The National Anti-Corruption Campaign Steering Committee has completed a 3week anti-corruption campaign on 4 radio stations.

The Campaign was conducted on Radio Citizen, Mulembe FM, Truth FM and Minto FM and was facilitated by stakeholders in the fight against corruption. They discussed topics in their areas of jurisdiction in relation to the Covid 19 pandemic. They included; NACCSC, Inter Religious Council of Kenya, Transparency International-Kenya, Multi Sectoral Forum, Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Asset Recovery Agency and the Office of the Attorney General & Department of Justice.

The Office of the Attorney General and Department of Justice participated through the public facing departments namely: Advocates Complaints Commission, National Legal Aid Service, Public Trustee and Marriages Registry who provided an overview of the services offered by the OAG&DOJ before delving into their respective areas of service.

The Advocates Complaints Commission was represented by Tom Ombori Momanyi, Deputy Chief State Counsel on Minto FM, Public Trustee by Edward Muoki Samson, Principal State Counsel on Radio Citizen, Marriages Registry by Gladys Muthura, Senior State Counsel on Truth FM and National Legal Aid Service by Florah Bidali, Senior State Counsel on Mulembe FM.  

The objectives of the campaign under the theme Fighting Corruption: My Responsibility! were to create awareness on corruption, drum up public support for the ongoing renewed war against corruption and encourage citizens to actively participate in fighting and preventing the vice.

During the campaign, a total of 32 programmes were conducted. This activity is one of the performance targets of the department this financial year.