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The National Anti-Corruption Campaign Steering Committee (NACCSC) is established under the Office of the Attorney General and Department of Justice (OAG & DOJ) vide Kenya Gazette Notice no. 6707 of 19th September, 2014. Its membership of 14 is drawn from a wide spectrum of the society, including representatives of the Youth, Women and Faith-Based Organizations, Persons with Disabilities and Government Ministries/Departments/Agencies critical to the implementation of the campaign against corruption.  
NACCSC is mandated to undertake a nationwide public education, sensitization and awareness creation campaign aimed at effecting fundamental changes in the behavior, attitudes, practices and culture of corruption. The campaign is a preventive strategy to empower Kenyans to understand what corruption is, its types, forms, manifestations and effects; and actions they may take whenever they came across graft. The campaign appeals to the minds and hearts of Kenyans to change and shun corruption.
Specifically, NACCSC encourages the public to participate in the fight by reporting all acts of corruption to the appropriate authorities, recording statements and adducing evidence in courts of law. The public is also encouraged to refuse to partake in corruption e.g. in the giving or receiving of bribes. The public is further encouraged to be intolerant to corrupt practices and jealously guard against misuse of resources that have been provided for development and service delivery.  
Corruption is the single most serious challenge to our country today as recent studies and media coverage attests. Indeed, opinion polls conducted recently indicate that Kenyans perceive corruption to be on the increase and feel there is urgent need to arrest this situation.  
It is significant to note that Members of the public, who are the most affected by corruption, wield a lot of power that can positively be used to deal corruption a deadly blow. Inadequate participation by the public in the fight against corruption, however, is a major setback to the fight thus leaving graft to seep into all sectors of society. 
A significant step towards fighting corruption in for Kenyans is to embrace and practice the National Values as enshrined in Article 10 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010. Let each one of us embrace transparency, be accountable for our actions, be patriotic and love our country. As such, none of us should ever engage in corruption as it harms other Kenyans. NACCSC recently rolled out a values-based anti-corruption campaign targeting all sectors of the society and we appeal to all Kenyans to join. A society that embraces and practices values will not stand by and watch public resources being plundered by a few selfish individuals.
It is important that the public is fully involved in all matters that affect them. As a consequence, our leaders must make deliberate efforts to involve the citizens in all decisions-making processes on issues affecting them directly. The citizens, on their part, should respond promptly to all calls to participate and make their contribution on public issues. With high level participation from members of the public, the fight against corruption can only intensify with resultant positive benefits. 
The involvement of the public in the fight against corruption is in line with this year’s theme of the activities to mark the International Anti-Corruption Day which is “Take Charge: DISRUPT Corruption Deals”. Clearly there are a lot of corrupt practices that happen in our localities particularly those involving implementation of public projects and programmes which can be effectively disrupted through institution of a raft of measures like the constitution of Project Management Committees and not condoning theft of materials, among others. Fighting corruption is, therefore, not complex and tangible results can be achieved easily, but only when we all accept to play our individual and collective roles. Fighting corruption is both your and my responsibility. 
As we join Kenyans, and indeed the whole World, in marking this important Day, we reiterate that all is not lost. We bring a message of hope that together, we shall liberate this great Nation from the dangers of corruption. NACCSC, on its part, will continue working in partnership with all institutions in creating awareness against corruption to effect a lasting change to all Kenyans.