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The three day Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organization (MYWO) workshop for leadersfrom the Rift Valley region was officially opened today by the Principal Secretary in theMinistry   of  Public  Service,  Youth   and   Gender  Affairs   Mrs   Zeinab   Hussein   at  MileleResort   hotel   in   Nakuru   town.   In   her   address,   the   PS   noted   corruption   seriouslyhampered development in major sectors of society hence the need for concerted effortsto combat it. She called on women to nurture good morals in their families to enablesociety grow up with integrity.Ms Hussein  also called on  women  countrywide  to advocate  against harmful culturalpractices that encourage corruption and hamper development, and instead encouragethose  that enhance accountability and  transparency. She thanked the National Anti-Corruption   Campaign   Steering   Committee   for   convening   the   workshop,   sayingmeaningful development can only be realized in Kenya with the inclusion of women inthe decision-making process.MYWO   has   the   widest   grassroots   reach   compared   to   other   organizations,   with   amembership   of   over   10,000  women   spread   across   the   47   Counties.   NACCSC   haspartnered with MYWO to empower their leadership on how to fight corruption within theCounties, and has to date sensitized leaders from 20 Counties of Coast and Rift Valleyregions. Speaking earlier during the same function, MYWO National Chair Mrs Rahab Muiu saidwomen are best-placed to hold their leaders accountable, as they form a large percentof society. She urged them to engage in public participation within their localities forimproved service delivery.