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Residents of Marama Central Ward in Butere Sub County of Kakamega County have been urged to attend public barazas and development meetings to join in the management of public funds. Speaking at Shitsitwi Health Centre during a social audit of the project by NACCSC, wananchi were urged to involve themselves in the development agenda of their County and hold their leaders accountable.

The social audit exercise revealed that the health centre, built by the Constituency Development Fund in two phases at a cost of Ksh 5.32 million, was a priority by the local community and they were well involved in all stages of its construction. Phase Three estimated to cost Ksh 7 million will involve the acquisition of additional land to construct a children's ward and a modern maternity facility.
NACCSC is equipping Kenyans with the capacity to fight corruption at the grassroots level by ensuring the prudent usage of public funds from both the National and County Governments.