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The Ag. Director National Anti-Corruption Campaign Steering Committee Mr David Gathii has underscored the importance of Participatory Budgeting in the fight against corruption.

Speaking today (3rd April 2017) at the opening of a workshop for County Anti-Corruption Civilian Oversight Committees in Eldoret, Mr Gathii noted that the plot to steal government funds starts at the budgeting phase. Corrupt individuals infiltrate the budgeting process allocating excessive funds to projects of interest to them.

"When the public is involved from the beginning in participatory budgeting, they will guard against any suspicious allocations" said Gathii.

Mr Gathii said that the procurement law provides for the lowest bidder to receive works in government, a loophole exploited by corrupt contractors. He noted that the public can prevent such exaggerated amounts from being allocated at the budgeting period.

He asked CACCOC members to educate the public on the need to elect corrupt-free leaders during the August 2017 General Elections noting that a corrupt leadership cannot fight corruption.

The trainning was sponsored by World Bank.