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As Kenya prepares for the forthcoming General Election on 8th August 2017, the National Anti-Corruption Campaign Steering Committee has put in place strategies to enable Kenyans elect into office leaders of integrity and prepare the public to deal with any corruption that may arise during the elections and the entire electoral process.

In line with its mandate to conduct a nationwide public education, sensitization and awareness creation campaign aimed at effecting fundamental changes in the attitude, behaviour, practices and culture of Kenyans towards corruption, the National Anti-Corruption Campaign Steering Committee is focused on creating awareness to the members of the public on their individual and collective role in ensuring the elections are credible and free of corruption.
The strategies, which include an intensive five-month radio campaign, are aimed at equipping members of the public with knowledge on the qualities of a leader of integrity, benefits of electing individuals who are not tainted by corruption, plus highlighting the corruption-prone areas and corrupt practices in the electoral process so that voters can make informed decisions.
Corruption is a serious crime that results in an increase in poverty by concentrating resources in the hands of a few, scaring away both local and foreign investors and causing serious under-development in very many areas of our Republic. It should, thus, be in the interest of every Kenyan to vote in leaders of integrity who can ensure the vice is fought successfully and public funds are utilized as intended. Indeed, corruption is often perpetrated by a few greedy individuals with low integrity and no regard for the welfare of others. These greedy individuals should not be elected into any office as they will plunder public resources and misuse tax payers’ funds.
Being a National Government function, fighting corruption must be in the forefront of any political party and individual manifestos and development agenda. This agenda must be further advanced by the Government that Kenyans will vote into office on 8th August, 2017. There is need, therefore, for all Presidential candidates to prime this agenda and ensure all voters are aware that if voted into office, then the public will expect commitments to the continued and sustained fight against corruption.
The National Anti-Corruption Campaign Steering Committee strongly believes that an informed citizenry is empowered enough to make a big difference on how the country will be governed. This is by voting for individuals who uphold the right values and virtues, and are capable of steering Kenya to greater development heights.
It is in this regard that today, we call on all candidates who have been cleared to vie for the Presidential seat during the general election this August, to make public their individual plans and strategies on how they will fight and prevent corruption if elected to office.
The National Anti-Corruption Campaign Steering Committee believes that campaigns should be issue-based and people centered for the common good of all Kenyans. This applies to all candidates, regardless of the elective post they are vying for.
Issue-based campaigns have the advantage of minimizing tribal and ethnic sentiments as well as hate speech and divisive politics. We urge all players to abide by the rule of law, respect each others’ views and shun exciting tribal and ethnic emotions that may lead to violence.
We also urge them to desist from voter bribery, and call on the voters not to accept bribes as both constitute an elections offence.
The National Anti-Corruption Campaign Steering Committee calls on all stakeholders in this electioneering period to ensure they carry out their mandates in a lawful and transparent manner to help build trust and ownership in the process. It is our prayer that come 9th August, 2017 all Kenyans will awake to a promising future with credible leaders of integrity.

We appeal to Kenyans to change their attitude, behaviour, practice and culture towards corruption. Being a moral and ethical issue, corruption can only be fought successfully when all Kenyans embrace and practice the right values and morals. Let us all play our rightful roles in bringing corruption to an end in our beloved Kenya.

Rev. Jessie Mutura