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Non-practice of national values and corruption are closely related such that where values have been embraced and practiced, there are reduced incidences of corruption. Currently, the anti-corruption agenda is top on Kenyan’s priority list after several scandals were exposed and alleged high-ranking perpetrators were named and requested by the Government to step aside from positions of responsibilities to pave way for investigations.

As efforts in the fight against corruption are focused on investigations, it is imperative to capture the current mood where Kenyans are agitating for action and need to be incorporated into the fight at the individual level. Embracing and upholding the national values are a key component that will focus Kenyans onto accountable behavior that will enable them shun corruption. The 60 Public Service Announcements vox-pops and a 45-minute documentary will help contextualize the current corruption situation in Kenya from a values-perspective, and help rally support from Kenyans to the Government efforts undertaken this far.

Production is currently undergoing, and details on the radio and television stations that will transmit them, will be availed soon.