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Residents of Chepkondol area in Pokot South sub-county of West Pokot County have appealed to the County Government to involve them in all development projects using tax payers' money. They complained that many projects were implemented in the area without their involvement, citing the Meshau road which has no culverts or bridges and is very steep in some places posing a danger to motorists. They also cited Kaptum cattle dip and Chepkondol water project, whose financing details and implementation period are not clear. Speaking during a public forum at Meshau market yesterday, NACCSC reminded wananchi that they have a constitutional right to be involved in all stages of project implementation by their local leaders. NACCSC also urged them to elect members of Project Management Committees who should regularly brief them on how their tax funds are being utilized. Wananchi were told that, whether from the National or County Government, tax payers' money was drawn from the National Treasury hence its usage must all be monitored adequately