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The Chief Administrative Secretary Ms. Winnie Guchu successfully completed the 2nd phase of the county visits to revitalize the County Anti-Corruption Civilian Oversight Committees (CACCOCs) after two years of dormancy.

The visit to the coastal region yielded fruits as she met county commissioners or their representatives who pledged their support to the grass root networks.

 During the meetings, the CACCOCs shared their challenges and successes and a way forward was arrived at to enable them start working. Most of the CACCOCs were excited to meet the Chief Administrative Secretary who reaffirmed the commitment and support of the Office of the Attorney General and Department of Justice to win the war against corruption.

The CAS challenged the CACCOCs to change tact in the way they conduct their activities and encouraged them to embrace the use of social media and local radio stations to sensitize and create awareness on corruption prevention and in the monitoring of public projects.

The objectives of the county visits were to: introduce the CACCOCs to the CAS, restart the awareness creation and sensitization activities to prevent corruption, verify their details for purposes of facilitation, take their photographs for issuance of identification badges and assist them develop work plans for the remaining part of the year.

During the courtesy meetings, the Chief Administration Secretary secured several goodies for the CACCOCs that included; support in their sensitization and creation of awareness activities,  introduction to all the administrative units in the counties for recognition and support, incorporation of the regional coordinator and the chairpersons of the committees in the county development implementation and communication committees that are chaired by the county commissioners to familiarize themselves and obtain information on all the public projects in the counties among others.  

In Taita Taveta County, the county commissioner Rhoda Onyancha pledged to introduce them to the Deputy County Commissioners in their respective sub counties for coordination and support.  She also pledged to mobilize citizens for them in all the sub-counties for sensitization purposes and also provide them with an opportunity during public fora to talk about corruption prevention.

In Kwale County, the Deputy County Commissioner Alexander Mativo on behalf of the county commissioner Karuku Ngumo also pledged to support the CACCOCs by ensuring that they attend all the NG-CDF meetings to monitor the implementation of the projects. He noted that sensitization is important as it will deter the pilferation of public resources and urged everyone to instill moral values in their children as one of the corruption deterrent measures.

He challenged the CACCOCs to ensure that all public projects have billboards/signage with all the details to inform citizens of what is happening in their locality to them monitor the implementation.  

The CAS visited Mombasa, Kwale, and Kilifi counties and was represented by the Secretary of Administration Florence Amoit in Taita Taveta County.  The 3rd and last phase of the county visits will be conducted next year in Nyanza, Western, and North Rift regions.


 Ms. Winnie Guchu, the Chief Administrative Secretary in the OAG&DoJ chairing a meeting that was attended by CACCOCs in Mombasa county. The meeting was aimed at reactivating the CACCOCs.


 The Chief Administrative Secretary Ms. Winnie Guchu (left) presenting some of the IEC materials used in the campaign to Mombasa County  AO1 Ms. Irine Munyoki who represented the County Commissioner.


 The Secretary of Administration Ms. Florence Amoit  (r) presenting some of the IEC materials to the Taita Taveta County Commissioner Ms. Rhoda Onyancha in her office in Mwatate.