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The Chief Administrative Secretary in the Office of the attorney General and Department of Justice Prof. Micheni Ntiba has mooted plans to roll out the CACCOC network in the remaining 15 counties.

Prof. Ntiba said that the CACCOCs are very strategic networks that can be accelerated to become a movement to fight corruption in the country. He said this when he relaunched CACCOCs in the north rift region bringing the number of relaunched CACCOCs to 29 since the exercise began. He intimated that the plan to roll out the CACCOCs to cover the whole country will be undertaken in the next financial year and expressed satisfaction that if every citizen was part of the movement, corruption will be a thing of the past and our country will register tremendous economic growth.

The relaunch activity was very successful and various challenges that were hindering the committees from working were resolved. For example, County Commissioners assured CACCOCs of support and most of them identified liaison officers who will assist them obtain any information on public projects that they may require. Some other support mechanisms included; provision of office space at the county headquarters to plan their activities, mobilization of citizens in barazas and other public fora for awareness creation and sensitization purposes and transport to the venues among others.

The CACCOCs were directed to share their social audit reports with the county commissioners so that they can deploy local institutions to take action where necessary. This was as a result of citizens’ complaints on lack of feedback on recommendations made during social audits on public funded projects. This is expected to upscale citizen’s interest and participation in monitoring the implementation of public funded projects in the community.

The two remaining CACCOCs of Makueni and Garissa will be reactivated by the end of April.