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Communications Desk Activities
1.    Radio anti-corruption campaign
NACCSC is currently undertaking a nationwide three-month radio campaign to create awareness and sensitize members of the public on corruption. The campaign, jointly implemented with eight identified Radio Stations, is being undertaken through live radio transmissions slated at prime time when a large number of Kenyans are available to listen and contribute to the programme. The objectives are to:-
1.     Create awareness and understanding of corruption as a vice, its different forms, manifestations and effects
2.     Sensitize the public on the numerous efforts to curb corruption including the role of NACCSC, County Governments and other bodies, and the role of the individual in the fight
3.     Mobilize the public to actively participate in the campaign against corruption
4.     Move the public to the level of taking action against corruption including refusing to participate in corrupt activities, reporting incidences, recording statements and giving evidence in courts of law, among others

The eight (8) radio stations are as follows:-
•    Musyi FM – broadcasts in Kikamba language to listeners in Machakos, Makueni and Kitui Counties, and surrounding regions
•    Radio Ghetto – broadcasts in Sheng to listeners in Nairobi, Central and Eastern regions
•    Inooro FM – broadcasts in Kikuyu language to listeners in Counties in Central, Nairobi, Eastern and parts of Rift Valley regions
•    Radio Jambo – broadcasts in Kiswahili and has National reach
•    Kalya FM – broadcasts in Ki-Pokot language to listeners in West Pokot, Trans-Nzoia, Uasin Gishu, Baringo, Lodwar, Bungoma and Elgeyo Marakwet Counties
•    West FM – broadcasts in Kiswahili to listeners in Kakamega, Busia, Bungoma and Vihiga Counties and surrounding areas
•    Star FM – broadcasts in Ki-Somali to listeners in Mandera, Garissa, Daadab, Moyale and Nairobi; and parts of Turkana, Isiolo and Mombasa Counties
•    Kaya FM – also broadcasts in Kiswahili language to listeners in the Coastal areas of Kilifi, Kwale and Mombasa

2.    Television anti-corruption campaign
The focus of the television campaign is to stem corruption issues currently affecting the Nation through frank discussions and genuine contributions on solutions. Kenyans are encouraged to appreciate and uphold the rule of law, develop good value systems in the society, accept each other and, above all, be patriotic.  
Active participation by individual Kenyans in the fight against corruption is brought to the fore as the missing ingredients for the war to be won. The need to seriously focus on preventive measures has become the next most viable option in the fight, as opposed to curative, to which substantial resources have previously been invested through investigations and prosecutions. Curative measures are lengthy and very expensive low in gains, leading to the perception that the war cannot be won. There is need to reverse this for the people to believe and trust in the fight and reap the full benefits of a corruption-free Kenya.

Public education, sensitization and awareness creation programmes aimed at behavioural and attitudinal change at the individual level to prevent corruption must be emphasized. This television programme will empower the public to demand for transparency in the conduct of business and hold leaders to account for their actions. It is hoped that this will create the urge for Kenyans to join in and make their contribution. Details on the particular television station will be made public soon.

3.    Values-based anti-corruption campaign
Non-practice of national values and corruption are closely related such that where values have been embraced and practiced, there are reduced incidences of corruption. Currently, the anti-corruption agenda is top on Kenyan’s priority list after several scandals were exposed and alleged high-ranking perpetrators were named and requested by the Government to step aside from positions of responsibilities to pave way for investigations.  

As efforts in the fight against corruption are focused on investigations, it is imperative to capture the current mood where Kenyans are agitating for action and need to be incorporated into the fight at the individual level. Embracing and upholding the national values are a key component that will focus Kenyans onto accountable behavior that will enable them shun corruption. The 60 Public Service Announcements vox-pops and a 45-minute documentary will help contextualize the current corruption situation in Kenya from a values-perspective, and help rally support from Kenyans to the Government efforts undertaken this far.

Production is currently undergoing, and details on the radio and television stations that will transmit them, will be availed soon.